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Our Services

We have a 930 square metre (10,000 square foot) fully racked warehousing facility with offices and a showroom.  We offer an extensive range of services broken down by category listed below:

We have the facilities and expertise to give your project the foundation and support it deserves. Since 1995 Fullworks has helped many local, national and international organisations take their campaigns from inception to successful completion.

We are holders of the New Zealand Direct Marketing Association’s TRUSTMARK, which assures our clients of the most stringent adherence to high standards and business ethics.  Our business practices and procedures have been thoroughly examined and approved of by the DMA.


Warehousing & Fulfilment

Our warehousing services include:

Product storage

Inventory control and reporting

Pick, pack and despatch operations

A range of distribution options


Product return processing

Product refurbishment

Freighting and customs clearance advice

Container deconsolidation

Warehousing/Stock Management

We offer a total receiving system, full or partial inspections and product assembly.

The warehouse is separated by product and shelved accordingly.


Fullworks’ holding facilities are guarded by a 24-hour monitored security system.
Your products are completely safe.

Pick, Pack & Despatch

We handle numerous types of picking, packing and shipping.  This includes catalogues, premiums, products, promotional literature and bulk goods.  We ship all methods: local or international post and courier, airborne and commercial trucking lines.  We fully prepare your product and paperwork for its national or worldwide destination.

We also offer proof of delivery where required, so you can be sure your product will be delivered safely and on time!


Fullworks uses a variety of packaging media, fully tailored to the requirements of product and client.  With our bulk purchasing power, we can source specific cartons, satchels, or envelopes, both plain or custom printed, for you at very competitive prices.

Bulk Mailings

We have extensive experience in dealing with mailhouse operations, working closely with the best in the country.  This enables us to offer services such as film wrapping, folding and inserting, labeling, and postal sorting – ideal for those large promotions.


Customer Service

Our order processing and customer service services include:

Both inbound and outbound calls processing

Enquiry handling

Pick, pack and despatch operations

Post Office Box Clearance

Mail opening and processing

Banking of payments

Financial reporting

Source code reporting

Call reporting

Full data entry

Personalised letters and order receipts

Refund processing

Personal shoppers

Database Management

Order Processing

We fulfill telephone-generated orders and process mail, fax and email/internet orders. We batch all incoming orders to ensure accuracy, efficiency and prompt fulfilment. We can look after your daily banking and provide you with a banking report with the frequency you require.

Customer Service

Complete customer satisfaction is our primary focus. We have educated and experienced customer service staff to field any concerns or answer any questions. We insist on the maximum product-knowledge education possible, and most importantly, we treat your customers exactly as you would.

Showroom Facilities

As part of the extensive services we offer, we can display and market your products and serve personal shoppers in our showroom facility. Our showroom enables mail order customers to view, sample and purchase your products in person, five days a week.


Campaign Management

With our experience in the direct marketing field, we are able to assist with many aspects of your promotional campaign:

Product procurement


Loyalty/reward programs


Creative design


All aspects of warehousing, fulfilment and order processing

Direct marketing advice

List rental

Creative design

Coupon redemption

Point of Sale Merchandise


Virtual Subsidiary Office

Typically our clients ask us to do all or some of the following for them:

Provide their own Auckland postal and physical address including daily  collection and response

Provide their own telephone number either standard or 0800 etc including answering etc…

Order taking via email, Internet, mail fax or phone


Preparation and lodgement of GST returns

Customs clearance etc of incoming goods

MAF Accredited on our site container



Warehousing, pick, pack and despatch via post, courier or road transport both within New Zealand and International

Product return processing


Showroom and retail sales


Customer Service – enquiries, complaints and telephone sales

MYOB Accounts, Sales, Stock and or Banking reports as required.

Campaign Management
Virtual Office
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